Lynx Grills & Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

In Toronto,  Lynx Grills and luxury outdoor kitchen appliances are sold at In Home Kitchen & Bath Boutique.

Outdoor grill chefs expect more from a high-performance grill than just impressive heat output. The ability to control heat so you can grill with finesse is essential.  Building on a heritage of equipping high-end commercial kitchens, Lynx Grills have seamless, welded exteriors that are easier to keep clean, as well as conveniences such as BBQ halogen lighting that covers the entire BBQ grilling surface and BBQ control knobs that are brilliantly lit by blue LEDs.

Lynx  Grills and outdoor kitchen appliances are built to live up to the most demanding expectations.  Their corrosion-resistant, heavy-gauge stainless steel alloys withstand long-term exposure to the elements and are covered by the Lynx Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

Your investment in a Lynx Grill and outdoor kitchen appliances will provide you with a rewarding outdoor grilling and entertainment experience for years to come. Lynx is truly the leader in grilling and outdoor kitchen innovation.

Seamless Welded Exterior 
Lynx BBQ Grill products are constructed with continuously welded joints, forming precision pieces into a solitary, integrated body of gorgeous steel, free of gaps and seams where moisture and grease can collect. Not only is cleaning is a lot easier, but its seamless welding gives Lynx its drop-dead good looks and tangible feel of absolute premium quality.
Lynx Cast-brass Burners
Cast-brass burners hold and radiate a high temperature, so a passing breeze can’t rob your BBQ grill of heat. At Lynx, we also choose to use durable ceramic briquettes that are clipped into place. The combination of the cast brass burners and the ceramic briquette array makes for an extremely even cooking temperature.
ProSear 2 Infrared Technology
The Lynx patented Trident ProSear 2 infrared burner has variable heat controls. This allows you to sear a baseball-cut filet mignon restaurant style, then throttle it back to instantly cook delicate seafood like scallops.
LED Lit Control Knobs
The blue LED lights - a Lynx signature - light up the control knobs, and our ultra-bright internal halogen lights illuminate the grilling surface. You wouldn’t cook indoors with the lights off and with a LYnx BBQ grill you don’t have to grill outdoors that way either.


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