Kohler's continued success springs from a clear sense of purpose and a corporate culture which promotes:

* Living on the leading edge, meshing art and advanced technology to create new products, new markets and new niches within existing markets.

* Maintaining a single high standard of quality in all products and services to make them capable of delighting the senses and sensibility of end users consistently.

* Continually reinvesting the majority of our earnings in operational excellence. 

These principles have been powerful in driving the long-term success and character of the Kohler organization. 
Kohler HydroRail Shower Column
Kohler Rising Wall Bath
Kohler Seat in Shower
Kohler Karbon Kitchen Faucet
Kohler Expanse Bath
Kohler Apron Front Kitchen Sink
Kohler Vault Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink
Kohler Numi Toilet
Kohler Grab Bar
Kohler Cruette Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet